FAQs - The Beachfront Palms

Helpful information

Hotel services

Does the hotel have an onsite bar/restaurant?
Though we don't have our own bar or restaurant, we do recommend checking out Doc Holliday's right next door for some great food and drinks.

Does the hotel provide cribs?
At the moment, we don't provide cribs.

Does the hotel provide pull-out couches?
We don't have pull-out couches available in our rooms.

Does the Beachfront Palms provides free parking?
Yes, we do offer complimentary parking for our guests.

Does the hotel allow pets and is there a fee?
Yes, we're pet-friendly! We welcome dogs, with a maximum of two dogs per room, each weighing up to 70lbs. There's a $75+tax fee and a $100 deposit.

Recreation and Amenities

Does the hotel have in-room or on-site jacuzzis?
We don't have in-room or on-site jacuzzis, but we do have a lovely outdoor pool for your relaxation. Plus! you can use the indoor pool at Quality Inn next door.

Does the hotel provide private balconies?
We don't offer private balconies.

Does the hotel have on-site laundry?
Yes, we do offer on-site laundry facilities for your convenience.

Does the Beachfront Palms  have a gym?
Yes, we have a gym where you can stay active and fit during your stay.

Does the hotel offer beach parking or umbrella rentals?
We don't offer beach parking or umbrella rentals. Nevertheless, you may find locations at the beach that do provide umbrellas rentals.

Does the hotel provide luggage storage?
While we don't have a formal luggage storage service, we can accommodate limited luggage storage at your own risk.

Does the Beachfront hotel provide free breakfast?
Absolutely! We provide a delicious, hot breakfast to start your day right.

Do we rent to people 18 years and up?
We have a minimum check-in age of 21 years.

Location and Nearby Amenities

Is the Beachfront Palms within walking distance to the beach?
Actually we have a perfect location! You can take a leisurely stroll to the beach right from our doorstep.

Are we within walking distance of restaurants, bars, or grocery stores?
Absolutely! We're just a short walk away from some fantastic dining spots, lively bars, and even a grocery store. You'll find places like Doc Holliday's and other dining options nearby.

Beach Access and Parking

Is the beach public?
Yes, the beach is open to everyone, so you're welcome to enjoy it. Plus, there are private beach options available if you prefer a more exclusive experience (e.g. Porretto Beach).

Is seawall parking free?
Seawall parking is not free but it can be paid by the hour using a handy mobile app (not provided by the hotel).

Cruise Parking and Transportation

Does the hotel provide free cruise parking?
Certainly! We offer free cruise parking as long as you stay with us for a minimum of one night prior to your cruise departure.

Does the hotel provide a shuttle service to the cruise terminal?
As the hotel does not have a shuttle service, our guests are free to find their own mean of transportation, according to their requirements (e.g. Uber).